Release History

0.2.5 2017-06-11

  • fixed a bug that caused installation through pip to fail
  • changed documentation telling not to run hcpupd as root, plus some systemd-related info

0.2.4 2017-03-27

  • in case of inotify queue overflow, a directory scan is triggered to make sure no new files get lost
  • in case the queue runs empty, we now preventively trigger a directory scan, as well
  • new config item ‘log uploaded files’ allows to log uploaded files in non-debug logging mode
  • added a message on shutdown that tells how many files are left for later upload

0.2.3 2017-03-01

  • re-factored configuration file handling
  • now surviving connection loss to HCP (missed file recovery still requires hcpupd restart)

0.2.2 2017-02-15

  • fixed a bug that caused moved_in folders not to be processed
  • added some more debug output for watched folder handling

0.2.1 2017-02-12

  • various fixes related to publishing throuh gitlab and

0.2.0 2017-02-11

  • First public release